SpeedyKey is among "The best keyboard apps for iPhone" - Apppicker.com

Yesterday Apppicker.com gave its list of "the best keyboard apps for iPhone", and SpeedyKey is among them!

Here is what Apppicker.com has to say about SpeedyKey.

SpeedyKey Keyboard is designed to help you be able to send your messages faster. You’ll be able to type faster and when you don’t even have time to type, you can send pre-written replies. The app supports a number of languages Icelandic, English UK, English US, Swedish, Danish, and more. You can also use the app to quickly insert text like your email, signature, or address. You’ll be able to write signs and numbers faster, delete an entire word with one gesture, and to move the cursor, just press the space bar and drag the cursor to where you want it. See? It really is speedy.

  • Pre-written replies to save you time
  • Insert text quickly
  • Type numbers and signs faster
  • Great looking themes



The best Custom Keyboard goes global

Spanish Custom Keyboard - SpeedyKey

We are only days away from releaseing our custom keyboard in many more languages around the world. This time these languages are included:

  • Danish
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • Faroese
  • Icelandic
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


We are very exited to this big release. And for the first time the keyboard will be free.

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Number 1 on the App Store

This month, SpeedyKey Keyboard became the most downloaded app on the danish App Store! :)  Thank you guys!

Type faster

We are happy to introduce a new bulldog to the universe of custom keyboards: The new and advanced SpeedyKey Keyboard!

The keyboard has many groundbreaking features that makes typing and replying messages super fast and intuitive.

• Move the Cursor. Press the spacebar and drag the cursor where you want it.
• Speedy-replies: Never forget to write or call someone back with pre-written Speedy-Replies with Reminders - Perfect when you don't have the time to type a message or answer a call. Just select your pre-written message, and a reminder will pop-up later. Speedy-Replies is also perfect for inserting text, like your signature, address, email etc.
• Smart suggestions and autocorrect.
• Write signs and numbers faster.
• Delete a word with a swipe.
• Paste gesture.
• Gorgeous themes.
• Smileys.
• Hide the suggestion panel for more space.
• Speedy-Extra-Letters: If a language contains many extra letters, than you can access them all with only one click. This makes it much faster to write in these languages.
• Speedy-Menu to easily change the keyboard settings.

This is the first release of SpeedyKey and it contains 3 languages:
• English 
• Danish
• Faroese
• COMMING SOON: French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic.

Denmark is the first country to try out the new keyboard, but soon the keyboard will be launched globally with all the above languages included.

Read more: www.speedykey.com