SpeedyKey is among "The best keyboard apps for iPhone" - Apppicker.com

Yesterday Apppicker.com gave its list of "the best keyboard apps for iPhone", and SpeedyKey is among them!

Here is what Apppicker.com has to say about SpeedyKey.

SpeedyKey Keyboard is designed to help you be able to send your messages faster. You’ll be able to type faster and when you don’t even have time to type, you can send pre-written replies. The app supports a number of languages Icelandic, English UK, English US, Swedish, Danish, and more. You can also use the app to quickly insert text like your email, signature, or address. You’ll be able to write signs and numbers faster, delete an entire word with one gesture, and to move the cursor, just press the space bar and drag the cursor to where you want it. See? It really is speedy.

  • Pre-written replies to save you time
  • Insert text quickly
  • Type numbers and signs faster
  • Great looking themes