Type faster

We are happy to introduce a new bulldog to the universe of custom keyboards: The new and advanced SpeedyKey Keyboard!

The keyboard has many groundbreaking features that makes typing and replying messages super fast and intuitive.

• Move the Cursor. Press the spacebar and drag the cursor where you want it.
• Speedy-replies: Never forget to write or call someone back with pre-written Speedy-Replies with Reminders - Perfect when you don't have the time to type a message or answer a call. Just select your pre-written message, and a reminder will pop-up later. Speedy-Replies is also perfect for inserting text, like your signature, address, email etc.
• Smart suggestions and autocorrect.
• Write signs and numbers faster.
• Delete a word with a swipe.
• Paste gesture.
• Gorgeous themes.
• Smileys.
• Hide the suggestion panel for more space.
• Speedy-Extra-Letters: If a language contains many extra letters, than you can access them all with only one click. This makes it much faster to write in these languages.
• Speedy-Menu to easily change the keyboard settings.

This is the first release of SpeedyKey and it contains 3 languages:
• English 
• Danish
• Faroese
• COMMING SOON: French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic.

Denmark is the first country to try out the new keyboard, but soon the keyboard will be launched globally with all the above languages included.

Read more: www.speedykey.com