Knowledge Base


  • How do I activate SpeedyKey?

    1. 1.  Go to settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards  
    2. 2.  Choose “Add New Keyboard” and select SpeedyKey from the list. 
    3. 3.  Again select “SpeedyKey >” and turn on “Allow Full Access”. Without it no advanced features will work or click-sound be heard. SpeedyKey does not collect any records of your typing. 

    If your own Speedy-Replies do not work straight away, then turn OFF and back ON "Full Access" and it should work.


  • Why do I not hear the click-sound?

    You have to grant SpeedyKey Full Access in order to hear the Click sound. You can do this here:
    Go to settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > SpeedyKey > Allow Full Access

    I you still can't hear the click-sound you can try this:  
    Go to settings > Sounds > Keyboard Clicks 

    It should be active now. If it is active and you hear no click-sound try to disable it and enable again.

  • How can I change a SpeedyReply?

    To edit, arrange, or create new SpeedyReplies just go to the SpeedyKey App and choose SpeedyReply in the main menu. Choose if you want a reminder and if it should be a fixed time or ask you later (on the go) when you would like to be reminded. An outlined bell means you will be asked later and a full-red bell means it is a fixed time.

  • How to activate and deactivate Suggestions and Autocorrect?

    You can activate and deactivate the Suggestions and Autocorrect in the keyboard menu which is located on the top right corner. 

  • How to change the color theme?

    If you want to change the theme of the keyboard you just go to the SpeedyKey App. Under "Settings" you find "Themes". Select the theme you want to use.

    Unlock all themes with one in-app purchase. 

  • How to change the language?

    To swop to another language, you first have to be sure you have multiple languages activated in the SpeedyKey App. To swop between the SpeedyKey languages, press the menu on the top right corner and select your language.

    If you can't see the SpeedyKey keyboard at all, and you are sure you have installed it correctly, then the reason could be that you have multiple keyboards installed. Press the globe on the bottom left to switch between the keyboards.

  • How to Delete your own custom words from the suggestion-bar?

    To register your own custom words, just select it on the left on the suggestion-bar. Next time you begin to write this word, it will be displayed as a suggestion.

    To delete single custom words simply start typing the word, and it will show up in the middle of the suggestion-bar. Press and hold the word and a dropdown dialog will ask if you want to delete this custom word.

  • How to insert text with the SpeedyKey button?

    To insert copied text quickly, press the SpeedyKey button and drag up. 

  • How to manage and create new Speedy-Replies?

    To manage or create new Speedy-Replies go to the SpeedyKey app > SpeedyReply

  • How to minimize the suggestion-bar to see more of the screen?

    You can minimize the suggestion-bar to see more of the screen. To minimize, press the menu in the top right corner and again press the line next to it. To maximize again, press the line on the top of the keyboard. See video

  • How to move the cursor?

    It is easy to move the cursor with the spacebar, just press and drag to the left and right.

  • How to quickly delete a word?

    Delete a word by pressing the delete button and swipe left.

  • How to quickly write a URL?

  • How to write the extra letters in some languages?

    Some languages have more letters than what fits on the standard keyboard view. Usually you have to press and hold the buttons and drag to the letter you need. SpeedyKey makes it much easier and faster. In these languages you can just press the SpeedyKey button which shows the extra letters, then press the desired extra button. If you press and hold the SpeedyKey button smileys and your speedy-replies popup. 

    If the selected language does not have extra letters then smileys and your speedy replies will show instead.

  • How to write the small signs and numbers?

    Write the small signs and numbers by pushing the button and drag-down.

  • Why can't I see the Speedy-Foreign-Letters?

    This feature greatly increases the speed of typing languages that have extra letters that are not visible on the keyboard. Only the languages that have extra letters like á ý ú ð etc. have this option. It is not necessary in English, because all the standard English letters are visible on the keyboard.