SpeedyKey has many new and great features that set the keyboard apart from the competition. Below is a list of some of these features.

Suggestions and Autocorrect

SpeedyKey has a great suggestion feature as well as autocorrect. If you want to add a special word that is not registered in the dictionary, simply press the word you're writing which appears on the left of the suggestion bar. To delete custom words press and hold the word and select “Forget this word”.

Suggestions and Autocorrect

Custom words


Create your own Speedy Replies and add a Reminder if you wish, which will pop-up automatically after a defined period of time.



Small Signs

Small signs are added to speed up the typing. To write “@” just hold “C”, swipe down and release.

Write small signs

Speedy Foreign Letters

When SpeedyKey is selected some letters will change to foreign letters, depending on what keyboard language you have chosen. If your language has no special letters, then Smileys and Speedy-Replies will show instead.

Speedy Access to foreign letters

Move the Cursor

Move the cursor by pushing spacebar and drag to the left or right. A fast gesture to the right puts the cursor back to the end of the sentence. 

Move Cursor with Spacebar


You can now paste easily. Push SpeedyKey and swipe up.


Delete a word

Delete a word by pushing the delete button and swipe left.

Delete a word


SpeedyKey has a built-in menu so you can turn on or off the functions you like quickly. You can also minimize the suggestionbar if you want more space on the screen.