Private Policy

SpeedyKey Keyboard is proudly developed by Sp/F Meitilberg Arts (Ltd.). Meitilberg Arts, which is located in the Faroe Islands (Europe), was founded in 2005. We take privacy very seriously.

Usage and Date

We do not save any data of what you type using the SpeedyKey Keyboard. We do not sell or distribute any information about our customers to third-parties. The Keyboard is self-sufficient and does not requite internet connection in order to function unless you purchase or download new features, themes or updates. 

SpeedyKey Keyboard (Meitilberg Arts Sp/f) can not be hold accountable for any text written with the SpeedyKey Keyboard or loss of appointments, revenue or data or any cost due to the keyboard whatsoever.

Changes in Private Policy

The Private Policy may change over time. We will post all changes to this page. We encourage you to visit this website regularly to keep you updated.